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This pest control system is capable of totally removing all of those pesty insects and termites when many other systems fail.

Our Company services include elimination and protection from a variety of insects such as termites, ants, cockroaches, flies, spiders, flies, mites, ticks, dust mites, aphids, centipedes, beetles, mosquitoes, bedbugs.

Termite nest before control

Termites and destructive insects directly damage houses, high-rise buildings. Industrial plants, private and government offices. Our company is fully aware of the importance of the business engaging in prevention and elimination of all types of destructive insects.

Natural Green Pest Control Thailand Co.,Ltd. Provides services to control termites and insects by using herbal extracted substances that can 100% eliminates termites without leaving any harmful residue.

Our teams are very experienced in providing control services and are fully concerned with environmental preservation.

Due to the present chemicals substances are harmful to human beings and environment. Dr. Terramazu lampard of Tel Aviv University, Israel has conducted a research on various types of herbs in the world to seek alternative termites and other destructive insects control, the statistics shows that the insecticides used in the world is increasing 10-15% every year causing illnesses which are more difficult to cure.

Dr. Terramazu Lampard has been searching for herbs for experiments. The important ones are teak wood bark, desert cactus, Siam weed, turmeric, castor oil, custard apple seed, chilly seed and over 10 kinds of plants that can eliminate termites, ants, cockroaches, bedbugs, midges, leaf hoppers and other insects with very effective result.

In additional, TelAvivUniversity has introduced the nano technology knowledge to extract the substances from the said herbals plants which can produce long term effectiveness of 1 year to control termites and 4 months for other insects. This research has led to a new method that can effectively control termites as well as the other destructive insects.

How Nano Herbal Substances works ???

Nano herbal substances can be devised into 2 parts :

–          Elimination

–          Prevention 

Elimination by Nano Herbal Substances

By spraying the nano herbal substances inside and outside the building or spraying the herbal substances into the underground tunnel, the substances will be effective for one year. After having collected their food, the termite workers cannot digest it themselves so they bring the food along with herbal substances to their nest to the Queen to digest for them.

Consequently, the herbal substances destroy the digestive protozoa in the Queen’s body causing her death. When the Queen dies, all the termites in the colony have no food so they all die.

This process takes around 7-10 days.

Prevention by Nano Herbal Substances

Because the nano herbal substances are extracted from teak wood bark and desert cactus, the smell of these two substances disturb the termites and stop them from going near houses.

Elimination of Young Cockroaches and Ants

Restaurants and food shops are troubled mainly by the German species of cockroaches which can be easily killed by chemical substances while the young cockroaches cannot be eliminated permanently.

Therefore, the food shops in general have to keep all the utensils in bags before spraying. After spraying, a very large number of dead cockroaches are seen all over the places.

However 2 weeks later the cockroaches fill the places again with a tendency to multiply constantly. Nano herbal substances are very effective.

By spraying the nano herbal substances repeatedly every 4 months, the elimination of cockroaches and ants is 8 times more effective than the other types of substances.