About Us

We are a Thai mobile pest control business that offers completely safe organic pest control for your home or business that works without using any toxic chemicals. Our experienced team, with over 10 years of pest control application experience, can get your home or working space back to use in a matter of hours without tenting or large-scale fumigation methods using toxic poisons. Safe and effective, our green pest elimination allows for a non-toxic alternative to all your bug problems.

Our 100% natural products are safe for your family, pets and the environment. Bio based nano-technology is proven effective in providing long term pest and lawn control and is biodegradable

Finally, something that really does work and is a safe solution to your bug problems!

Do you have unwanted termites, ants, rodents, or cockroaches in your business or home?
We can get an exterminator on the case.



New way of controlling termites and insects with toxic free. Green Nanotechnology.

At Present. we have more advanced technology to eliminate the new termites with Green Nanotechnology by using Herbs Nanotechnology that guarantee 100 % onetime removal of all types of pests throughout the service life.

With Green Nanotechnology– a non toxic pests and termites control system of which quality is far better than those of insecticides and it is 100% safe to all of your loved ones in the house. A Green-nano herb is produced from purely natural objects and being tested by reliable government agencies for its efficiency and safety. The herbs is proven as a non-insecticide substance, which is not deadly to termites when exposed and is therefore no hazardous and safe to children because termites are million times less resistant to insecticides than humans. This system generates highly adhesive forces and prolonged period of adhesion and therefore can be used for elimination of termites and all types of pests throughout the years and in all seasons including summer, rainy season and winter; and therefore, no problems of on-site operations.

Natural Green Pest Control Thailand Co., Ltd. is a company that renders its non-toxic pest control services by elimination and protection from a variety of insects such as termites, ants, cockroaches, rats, flies, mosquitoes and annoying insects, etc. We use Green Nanotechnology which is a state of the art technology to eliminate termites without killing them. Green-nano herbs, which are edible and safe to facial skins, guarantee 100% effective one time removal of all types of pests including termites, ants, cockroaches, rats, mosquitoes and etc.Green Nanotechnology is the best way to control termites. And it is 100% effective.